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Yachay AI / About Us

Yachay is an open-source Machine Learning community. We have collected decades worth of useful natural language data from traditional media (i.e. New York Times articles), social media (i.e. Twitter & Reddit), messenger channels, tech blogs, GitHub profiles and issues, the dark web, and legal proceedings, as well as the decisions and publications of government regulators and legislators all across the world.

We have cleaned and annotated the data, prepared the infrastructure, and released a state-of-the-art Geolocation Detection tool. Now we're looking for developers interested in contributing to and improving on the project.

Our Mission


Yachay AI aims to bring more attention to the intersection of Geospatial and NLP.


We have analyzed previous scientific work in the field, improved upon it, and open-sourced the solution.


We are building the space for a Deep Learning developers community with a focus on Geolocation Detection to push forward the progress.

Join us

Check our solutions and challenges in GitHub, commit to the repository, participate in Kaggle competitions, follow our updates on Twitter, or find like-minded people on our Discord - let's build better systems together!